1. inmalorente:

    Hello! I’ve created this poster as an announcement that I will not be offering my work to clients that approach me with empty pockets in the future. I did it in the past, mostly after finishing my studies on Illustration, but now I understand that this does not help our profession. I’ve come to the realisation that the best way to practice and promote ourselves is through developing personal projects, creating our own stories and then, why not, edit them ourselves. If customers don’t arrive right away, that’s fine! The key is to draw, draw, draw and create from within ourselves, so that we can give our best out there.

    From now on, I’m expecting to receive only paid offers. If none arrives, I should focus on my personal projects, or even drawing under a tree.
    I will also limit the time I spend on the internet, as I’ve discovered it absorbs way too much of my time. There is something dark and magnetic going on with social media, something that draws me from my creative process, and I don’t like it at all. From now on, my time here will have a concrete purpose.
    I’m sharing this letter just in case someone feels similarly, or gets any inspiration from it.
    Big hug to everyone!! :)
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  4. carlosadama:

    me at the club

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  5. Visions of Frank: Short Films by Japan’s Most Audacious Animators (2007).

    Animaciones basadas en Frank, el personaje de los cómics de Jim Woodring.

  6. «Hi-Rise Hopper» en Visions of Frank.

    Saburo Hashimoto

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  8. Lo que da vueltas (exterior)

  9. ofegabous:


    Este año participaremos en el FLIA!!!

    Os invitamos a todos a que vengáis el 4 de octubre.

    Más info aquí:


    El mes que viene estaré en Barcelona :)

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    every woman on tumblr should have this on their dash

    And every man

    Video HERE

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